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MO’re FUN reis Ibiza

Vera Klijn
Fantastische week gehad met 2 toptrainers. Heel veel geleerd en het was heel interessant. Heerlijk gegeten. Prachtige locatie en het weer werkte heel erg mee. Wat hebben we gelachen. Heerlijk. Ontzettend fijne groep, heb ongelofelijk genoten. Ga zo door lieve Moon. Hele dikke knuffel van een blij mens.

Fieneke Wallenburg-Suskind
Een fantastische manier om jezelf te ontwikkelen en nog beter te leren kennen. Mo en haar co-trainers brengen het op een hele leuke, maar goed voorbereide, speelse manier. Op een toplocatie onder de zon met een groep mensen die ook graag willen groeien. Je doel bereiken door uit je comfortzone te stappen. Toptrainers die zich ervoor inzetten om jou te helpen inzicht te krijgen om de situaties waarin je dagelijks weerstand ondervind anders te benaderen. Ik ben gegroeid door deze week, heb meer controle over mijn gedachten en hoe ik daar mee omga. Ben heel blij dat ik deze training op Ibiza heb mogen volgen. Daarbij ook heel erg veel fun gehad, heerlijk gegeten en genoten van de zon. En weer nieuwe vrienden voor het leven ontmoet. Een aanrader voor iedereen. Mo heel erg bedankt voor deze unieke ervaring.

Paula Pols
Lieve mensen, ook ik twijfelde of deze reis verzorgd door Monique wel wat voor mij zou zijn. En ik kan volmondig zeggen, ja deze reis was echt wat voor mij. Ik kwam thuis als een ander mens. Gewoon in 1 woord TOP! Op alle fronten. We hebben gelachen, gehuild, heerlijk gegeten en nog veel meer. Ik zeg gewoon doen. En niet zeuren dat het duurder is dan Corendon, je krijgt ook zo veel meer dan als je met deze chartermaatschappij gaat. Niet te vergelijken.

MO’re FUN reis Andalusie

Carol de Munk
In de week naar Andalusië: veel geleerd, genoten en gelachen en een absolute aanrader! Super begeleid door Mo van MO’re fun en haar co-trainers en dankbaar voor alles wat ik tijdens de week heb meegekregen en ’terug gevonden’

Kitty Brown
Dank jullie Mo & co. Wat een gave trip was de Andalusië reis. Ik heb onbedaarlijk gelachen en heel veel geleerd. Het was een heerlijk locatie: zon, zee en vooral heel veel rust. Veel lieve ‘sisters’ en 1 wijze man leren kennen, die ik allen in mijn hart heb gesloten. Jullie coachinglessen en meditaties waren heel treffend en to the point. Het kwartje is zeker gevallen en ik heb mijn doel bereikt en meer. Ik ga een leven zonder stress en heel veel plezier tegemoet en dat is heel bevrijdend. Jullie zijn nog niet van mij af… John en ik zijn weer van de partij tijdens de Roadtrip USA! Nogmaals geweldig bedankt. Big hug. 

Danielle Salden
Topweek gehad onder leiding van Mo: inhoud en fun in een geweldige omgeving. Supercombi, aanrader!!!

Cindy Alberts
Lieve Mo, toeval bestaat niet dus niet voor niks op deze bijzondere ontdekkingsreis gegaan op dit mooie plekje in Spanje. Geleerd, gelachen, genoten, het was een topweek. Een aanrader voor iedereen die zichzelf écht een bijzondere week gunt. Ik hoop dat jullie dit mooie initiatief succesvol kunnen voortzetten en als jullie hulp nodig hebben…je weet me te vinden! Dikke knuffel uit Roermond x<3 x

Gelukkig hebben we de foto’s nog…

MO’re FUN week Ibiza

Maaike Deketele (België)
Looking at myself sitting on the grass by the waterside… A beautiful setting, a wonderful day, surrounded by nice people, but why did I look so sad? Seeing myself on that particular photograph made me realise there was something off. I felt so much happier the last year than several previous years combined, but it was still not easy for me to give myself permission to fully express joy.

One afternoon, a few weeks later, a thought suddenly popped up in my meditation practice: “Go join in for the MO’re FUN week”. Ignoring this did not help, the seed had been planted and excitement spread itself into my system, making it a challenge to continue to meditate. So I opened Facebook to check if the week was still on and applied immediately, not having any idea where this would take me and who would be in the group. I hadn’t even had any real life contact with Mo.

The journey started long before the plane took off. In the Ibiza WhatsApp group the participants shared and discussed the preparation details and the crazy things Mo asked us to take with us. Wool to crochet your own bathing suit? Check. A pair of trousers and a blouse we didn’t need anymore? Check. I could only think: “What had I got myself into this time?”

We entered the party/hippie island in style: we got bubbles to drink and were photographed at least 10 times during the first 15 minutes. Felt like a star. Getting the suitcases in the car and us on top was a little bit less glamorous, but once settled cozily together, we could start exploring what Mo had prepared for us in our personalised Ibiza Goody Bag.

The colour of the sky, the sea in the distance and the pool water merged three shades of blue into one, lit up by the sun that was setting gently. Little white flowers were drifting lazily in the pool water, not yet aware they would be roughly drifted apart the following morning by a troop of crazy women, blindly following the instructions of our screwed up aerobics teacher.

That first evening, we didn’t know that yet, politely introducing ourselves to one another. Sitting on our chairs. Nodding and smiling. Sharing why we were there while tasting a delicious, super healthy XXL sized smoothy. Since this would be a week of positive transformation, it was important to have proof of that. So everyone was gently but firmly invited to pose in front of this huge camera Anne brought to have some close up pictures.

Lucky us! In our personalized Ibiza bag, there also was a present. We were instructed to open this only when the music started playing the following morning. “Wake me up before you go-go” was the sign to discover this ‘grandmother bathing suit’ with pink ribbons would probably fit me gracefully. Especially combined with the way too big glasses and the red afro wig (later on identified as the ‘red wet dog’ because, quite frankly, that’s exactly what it looked like when it ended up drifting in the pool). So there we were, performing our best aerobics moves at 9 o’clock in the morning while Abba was playing. We were submerged in this MO’re FUN week both literally and figuratively when we all jumped in the pool and splashed everything that managed to stay dry until then.

The best way to extract more fun is to examine how we block ourselves from letting our fun nature spontaneously shine through. Arturo was the man to assist us. More than 15 years of experience in self development would assure us that we had some tools to pinpoint our main roadblocks. This enabled us to consciously choose a new way to perceive and deal with things. Sitting comfortably together in the shade, sipping fresh mint tea or coffee. No long theoretical expositions, but lots of interactions, clear examples and practical instructions. To make it experimental, Arturo had a whole set of ‘activities’. In a playful way, we could observe ourselves and others reacting to certain challenges, leaving me with way more insights than reading another book. Inviting me to get out of my comfort zone again and again and actively letting me look at things in another way. Although this felt awkward at first, the feeling of relief and happiness afterwards was more than worth it! The translation to everyday situations was quite easy to make.

How lovely refreshing and relaxing it was to feel the grains of sand below our feet. To let them be washed away by the gentle waves of the turquoise sea. Feeling the warmth of the sun permeating our bodies. While seeing the sun spread its rays onto the water, where they turned into an alternating pattern of a thousand flickering diamonds. Yes, this absolutely felt like a holiday.

Ibizas coastline is packed with little beaches, all with a charm of their own. A great place to rest, reflect, write a bit, or simply stroll along the coastline. The cleansing water was a joy to swim in. So funny how some little fish started to softly bite our ankles… Time to throw some bigger fish into the sea, Mo must have thought. A mermaid tail would do perfectly to swim out and throw away the little stone each of us brought with us. In that stone, we had collected all our old patterns and other shit that did not serve us any longer. But… how on earth would we get our backside into that stretchy little fish skin? Laying down, rolling over, bringing both legs into the air and having someone pull the last part of the suit up, seemed to be the only way. We absolutely were the talk of the day for the numerous tourists very amusedly looking at us, splashing like a fish washed ashore trying to get this thing on, and later crawling to the open waters like an overweight seal.

“Prepare a four-course dinner that is worth at least one Michelin star.” That was our new mission. What Mo did not told us until we arrived at the supermarket, was that from then on, we would be tied together two by two. Very practical when one wants to grab some cucumbers while the other was just reaching out to pick those fresh red paprikas. A limited timeframe and budget was the perfect recipe for bumping into one another and calculating like crazy on our mobile phones. Since we were the best cooperating group ever, we managed to gather everything on time and far below the maximum budget. This deserved an extra drink! Still tied, we drove off to a fancy terrace with a view on a picturesque port. One fresh juice with two straws brought myself and the darling woman tied to me even closer. And as it often goes after a drink… if you have to go, you have to go. Only this time, you were not the only one in the toilet.

We could teach Gordon Ramsay a thing or two! Preparing dinner and decorating the table went so smooth hardly any instructions were required. So when the sun was setting, we all gathered like one big happy family under the old olive tree, delighted by the outstanding table decorated with candles, freshly picked flowers and aromatic herbs. Grateful for the delicious food and the warm bond still palpable after being physically untied.

The good vibes made it hard to remain seated. So before we entered our dessert, almost everyone was shaking their booty at the poolside, bathing in the light of an almost full moon. Each in their own way expressing the joy to the rhythms DJ Arturo magically conjured out of his phone. Every gadget available was integrated, including a big sausage-shaped cushion (no comments – just ask Mo) and a pair of table rackets. We almost crashed to the floor laughing when we suddenly saw our Diva Henny with a racket in each hand fiercely waving up and down making sure the airplane overhead would land into the pool.

Another shiny sunlit day. The temperature easily climbed above 25°C. The soft island breeze was very welcome. Our daily morning aerobics session prepared us to be fit and alert for what was next to come. It was never so easy to train our arms, because we knew we were actually just plucking gorgeous men out of the sky. Rolling our shoulders while tilting our heads to the side and looking up with our seductive lips pressed together. And look at these swaying hips… Yes! We were definitely the most stunning sexy ladies Earth has ever witnessed!

That day, we were told to pack our bathing suits, to have showered and have all conditioner and body oils removed by 6 PM. After a long drive, we entered a dusty lawn which led to a private property. Still not knowing what exactly we were going to do, we were asked to sit down next to a huge igloo shaped tent. Our host told us he would guide us in a sort of a slow motion ecstatic dance in a hot water tub. Something quite unique in Europe. The water was oxygenated and free of any chemicals. There were soft lights and you could hear the music above and below the surface. Entering the warm water alone instantly brought forth a wave of relaxation and bliss. When closing our eyes for a little meditation while holding hands in a circle, we could already sense the loving support of the water, the music and each other. Letting go… of the tension in our bodies, of emotional patterns, of unnecessary thoughts… Moving around in slow motion. Every now and then softly bumping into another. A gentle touch, a look in the eyes and moving on… We took it one step further by taking the other person in our arms and ‘floating’ them around so they could completely surrender. This all felt so natural to me. Not having to speak, but directing all my attention to my state of being, for it to merge with the person I put my focus on. This confirmed what I already sensed, but could never act out in such a clear way. It brought me straight back to my true Self. What a joy and relief. I would never have imagined this would shape itself this way. Needless to say I’m very grateful for this remarkable experience.

No closing of the MO’re FUN week without a party. Since our villa was quite isolated, we had to take care of the entertainment acts ourselves. Alcohol and other beverages were already stored. But first, we presented the vision boards we had created earlier. This included our intentions and visions for the future. So nice to see all the different flavours of our preferred outcomes. Although eventually they all pointed in one direction: feeling incredibly good!

Performing an act to a song Mo had chosen for us beforehand was out of my comfort zone. Lucky for me, we were pulled out of our comfort zone so many times the past week, that it was easy to expand and just go for it. How great I felt after Lady Gaga could take off her multi coloured wig and turn into me again. A shiny me with a twinkle in her eyes. It was even more fun to see the other ladies transform into Maria Callas, Tina Turner, Bob Marley (yah man), Prince and the Abba Ladies (with a lot of money money money). Oh yes, Arturo, your in depth performance on the ironing board makes sure ironing will never be the same again.

Nooooo, I don’t want to go home yet! We had done so many fun activities this past week – way too many to mention them all here. We had a clear insight on how our guidance system works, why we react the way we do, and how to overrule that.

Yes, we have been in this happy bubble the entire week, but how do we keep this high vibe up once we get absorbed again in daily life? Well, the last morning Arturo presented us with quite a good solution for that, giving us insights in possible upcoming ‘sucking-you-back-down’ traps, including a final anchoring of the intentions and goals we had set for ourselves. Yes, I actually believed it is all possible – and I still do.

We had an official graduation moment which left us all smiling ear to ear. Perfect for the final ‘after’ photo. You really must be blind not to see the remarkable difference in each and every one of us. Actually, I was quite shocked when I looked at the back of the camera when Anne showed me the photo he just took. Always reluctant to be photographed because I judged myself not to take very well on pictures, now showed a completely different result. Yes, this was the new me. Not a single trace of sadness whatsoever. And the wonderful thing is it hasn’t left me since. Feeling abundantly connected. And still connected daily to this wonderful group of new born fun-addicts.

I truly returned home a way more joyful fun version of me.